Jonathan Jansen verwerp die T-opsie

Mnr Jacko Maree, uittredende raadslid van die US skryf:

"Onderrig ingevolge die T-opsie het volgens alle kenners en deskundiges waarvan ek weet, geen bestaanreg nie. Hierdie standpunt word deur [Jonathan] Jansen soos volg bevestig:

The policy of the university declares a 50-50 application of English and Afrikaans in the classroom, with both languages enjoying the same rights and exposure in teaching, research, and administration. In practice, this is impossible because of the huge costs of duplication not only of materials but also of academic teachers. It wastes valuable administrative time, especially in an institutional context where it is clear that everybody understands English but fewer and fewer campus dwellers understand Afrikaans. The 50—50 policy therefore represents little more than a political holding pattern against the mounting criticism of dishonesty in institutional communications—the preaching of a dual language policy but increasingly the practice of an English only teaching policy."

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